Les Rois

The project is located on the main axes far 500 meters from the American University at the intersection of Eltesein road south axis with the main display area next to the American University in the fifth district.

It's far by 10 minutes from Nasr City and 7 minutes from the intersection of Suez road with the ring road.

The project is surrounded by a road of width 90 meter from both sides including service side road specialized for the project of width 11 meter and the other two roads of width 50 meter.

The project is of 350 meter height from the sea level which makes a distinctive climate throughout the year.

The project mediates Katameya Dunes Resort & the East Town.

The project area of 170 acres of which 80% gardens and water lakes.

The project consists of 587 villas as well as 270 hotel units with a total constructive area of 13.5 % and surrounded by a fence of a length of 3.6 km.

The resort includes social club of area 7 acres (Smash Le Roi Club) as well as a mosque , commercial & administrative buildings.

Models of the villas include three styles (separate - Twin - Townhouse) with multiple models, all of which consist of (ground floor + first + roof) and represents a structural area of less than 40% from the area of the land which allows a space for the Garage - Swimming Pool – Garden.

Delivery specifications

Half finishing including all windows with aluminum surroundings – distinct interfaces made toddle Mex substance - Brick trim artificial stone – surrounded fence.

The available villas

First : Separate Villas ( 3 models)

  1. Rosa V5 – Buildings of area 425 meters on a different area of land ranging from 600 meters to 700 meters
  2. Pensee V8 - Buildings of area 515 meters on a different area of land ranging from 700 meters to 800 meters
  3. Orchid V6 - Buildings of area 665 meters on a different area of land ranging from 900 meters to 1000 meters
Model Total Land Area Total Area of First Floor Roof Area Total Building Area
Rosa V5 168 174 83 425
Pensee V8 226 212 77 515
Orchid V6 300 290 75 665

Second: New constructions in the third stage

Innovative models for some of the separate villas including added basement which allows out directly to the outer gardens of compound ( V5 walkout – building area of 639 meter).

Model Total Lower floor area (Basement) Total area of land Area of second floor & roof Total Building Area
V5 walkout 179 182 94+184 639

Master Plan

Location Map